Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Interesting Quote


Boy meets girl. Boy supports Girl. Girl gets wrong idea. Boy straightens out misunderstanding. Boy and Girl are content. Girl goes through crap. Boy remains supportive. Boy and Girl grow closer. Boy begins thinking. Boy thinks he may have a thing for Girl. Girl remains oblivious. Boy thinks that a friendship is more important. Girl talks to Boy. Boy accidently tells feelings for Girl. Girl gets overwhelmed. Boy and Girl promise it won't be weird. It gets weird between Boy and Girl. Girl comes by less often. Boy goes through problems in which Girl is needed most. Girl is going through things too. Boy and Girl have had a shitty week. Boy and Girl start hanging out again. Boy and Girl pretend things are normal. Girl starts hanging out with other Boy. Boy tries to forget about Girl.

Boy just needs to get over Girl.

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